We are Reaching UP

to God,

Reaching IN to His Church &

Reaching OUT

to the World with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Whether you’re new to church, have been a Christian for many years, or are looking for a fresh start, you’re welcome here. Our hope is to give you a place where you encounter God and be part of a community of people.

We keep our focus simple so we can have the biggest impact possible. Everything we do as a church is filtered through our focus on helping people become disciples of Christ Jesus.



We are REACHING UP to God by gathering together for weekly corporate worship. It is during this time we offer our hearts and minds to the Worship of the Almighty through the singing, praying, reading and preaching of God's Life-giving Word.



We are REACHING IN by growing intentionally with members and guests in small Bible study groups for the express purpose of accountability, relationships, support of each other and the study of God's Word. This is simply a way of living life together.




We are REACHING OUT to change the world with the hope found in the LORD of all creation. We GO and Share with our neighbors, co-workers, family members and those struggling around us the Good News of Jesus Christ.