Next Steps

Your walk with Jesus Christ is important to us. Here at FBC South Lyon we are taking the Next Step in our walk of Faith. Do you know what the Next Step is in your walk with Christ? Continue reading to discover your Next Step.

Audience and Lecturer
The Discipleship Pathway

As a member of FBC South Lyon we want you to be involved in 4 specific areas of our church:

  1. We want you to know God more in the weekly worship service as Pastor Jason teaches the Bible.

  2. We want you to find community in a weekly Bible Study Group as you walk through life with others, guided by God’s Word.

  3. We want God’s Word to grow deep in you and spread to others as you make disciples in a yearly Core Group of 3-5 men or women.

  4. We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and volunteering.

What is the NEXT STEP in your walk with Christ? Where are you on the Pathway? Take the Next Step!


We are REACHING IN by growing intentionally with members and guests in small Bible study groups for the express purpose of accountability, relationships, support of each other and the study of God's Word. This is simply a way of living life together.

Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for this to be accomplished. We have Bible study groups at the church and in the community. Our hope is to have a Bible Study group in every neighborhood within South Lyon within five years. Click below if you would like to learn more about God with others. Church membership not necessary to be in a Bible Study Group.

Dirty Hands

We would love for you to take the next step by joining our family! There are five simple requirements to become a member at FBC South Lyon:

  1. Request church membership.

  2. Trust Christ by faith for salvation; we want you to share your testimony about your salvation experience with one of the pastoral staff.

  3. Be baptized by immersion.

  4. Attend the Membership Matters class

  5. Participate in a membership interview following the Membership Matters class

Join us for our next Membership Matters class! During this short class you will learn more from our Pastor about FBC South Lyon's purpose and discover the importance of connecting with other believers for worship and fellowship.

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We are REACHING UP to God by gathering together for weekly corporate worship. It is during this time we offer our hearts and minds to the Worship of the Almighty through the singing, praying, reading and preaching of God's Life-giving Word.

The Worship Service contains biblical elements such as singing, praying, preaching, giving, and public reading of the Scriptures. The teaching is expository, meaning that we work through the Scriptures book by book.

We believe that worship is a matter of substance over style and that music is but a portion of the corporate response to God. As a result, we use music that is Christ-centered and theologically sound. We use a small worship team (piano, keyboard, and guitars) to provide a modern sound to whatever style of song we might use - hymn, worship song, praise, etc.

Group Discussion

We are REACHING OUT to change the world with the hope found in the LORD of all creation. We GO and Share with our neighbors, co-workers, and family members the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Step out of your comfort zone to spread the Good News in our cities, state, nation and around the world. Choose to serve on a mission trip. Serve with your Bible Study Group in local and state opportunities. And use the gifts that God has given you to serve the local church at FBC South Lyon.