what to expect

When is Worship and Bible Study Times?

Sunday 11:00 AM Worship

Sunday 9:45 AM Bible Study

Sunday 6:00 PM Bible Study

Wednesday 6:00 PM Bible Study

What is the Worship Service Like?

The Worship Service contains biblical elements such as singing, praying, preaching, giving, and public reading of the Scriptures. The teaching is expository, meaning that we work through the Scriptures book by book.

We believe that worship is a matter of substance over style and that music is but a portion of the corporate response to God. As a result, we use music that is Christ-centered and theologically sound. We use a small worship team (piano, keyboard, and guitars) to provide a modern sound to whatever style of song we might use - hymn, worship song, praise, etc.

What should I wear?

We think you'll feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. You will see some dressed up, some dressed casually. We have no expectations for attire. All we ask is that you are mindful of dressing modestly.

What do I do when I arrive?

The Welcome Center is located just inside the Worship Center, the largest building on campus. Our greeters will be happy to meet and escort you and your family to Bible Study or Worship. Whether you have children, teenagers, or it's just you, we will make sure you get to the right place.

Where do my kids go?

We offer special activities for babiespreschoolers, and children during the Worship Service and Sunday Morning Bible Study. Of course, you’re welcome to bring your kids to worship with you. To find out more about the student ministries and how we protect your children, Click Here.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions or would like further information, feel free to browse the rest of our site. Or, you can reach us in the office: by email or phone @ 248-437-2983.